Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maritime Landscapes

Time to add some colour back on the bulletin board.

These Maritime Landscapes are just the thing.


- check out reference material online, google Lunenburg harbour, etc.
- art boards
- green painter's tape
- rectangular painting paper
- disk tempera paint
- white acrylic paint
- light and dark green acrylic paint
- sponges cut in small pieces
- scraps of paper, or use stash of painted papers
- scissors, glue
- black paper
- black sharpie, white pencil crayon


Tape your rectangular paper to your art board with painter's tape.

Draw in a horizon line in upper third of paper.  Draw a water line (where the ocean meets the land) in the bottom third.

Paint sky blue with disk tempera paint. Sponge on some clouds using white acrylic paint.

Paint in a nice green coastline with green disk tempera paint.

Paint in the water. Mix a nice blue green using disk tempera paint.

Using a sponge and light and dark green acrylic paint, sponge in some bushes on the coastline.

Set aside to dry.

Now I tend to collect any big scraps of painted paper from other projects.  I also paint extra paper using up paint that I have already set out.  This way I build a nice stash of painted papers. I store them in stacks by colour.

If you don't have a stash paint some scraps of paper in bright colours.  I use book pages, newspaper, recycled paper from the printer.

Set aside to dry.

Cut a number of rectangles and squares out of your painted paper.

Glue onto the coastline.  Add some low triangular roofs out of black paper.

Add boats to the harbour.

Using sharpie and white pencil crayon add windows to the buildings, details, waves to the ocean, masts to the boats, etc.

That's it.

What a colourful way to perk you up in the middle of winter.