Sunday, February 9, 2014

Easy Canadian Olympic Project

Here is an easy Canadian Olympic project.  I got the idea from the logo for the Canadian Olympic Development program.

I'm currently making an Olympic file folder book with Grade 1 at my latest residency.  This will be on our back cover.


- good paper for painting, not necessarily wc but a nice heavy paper
- disk tempera paint
- contact paper, the re-positionable type, I get mine from Home Depot
- maple leaf template, type in maple leaf template under Google images and you will find tons
- scissors


Resize your template so it works for your paper.  The ones I'm using for the file folder book are quite small.

Trace around template on the back side (paper side) of the contact paper.

Cut out.

Tape your paper down to an art board with green painter's tape.

Remove paper backing from contact paper and place your leaf in the middle of your paper.

Smooth down all the edges.

Paint bright colours radiating out from the maple leaf.  The contact paper resists the paint.

Set aside to dry.

Remove sticker.  If it comes off in one piece you can place it on some wax paper and use it over again.

Remove tape.

That's it.

Here are some of the Sochi skylines that Grade 3 did.

See you next time.



  1. Wonderful!!! LOVE it and I love that it's not a valentines craft! We are so doing this tomorrow in my Kindergarten class!

  2. Lovely and vivid! Another idea I'm going to keep tucked away for just the right time!