Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Popcorn Flowers

This is an annual art project by Mrs. B at my main school (no, it's not me).  But I thought I'd pass it on as it always turns out so nice and the kids have a great time.

Thanks Mrs. B for letting me post this one!


- large sheets of paper
- liquid tempera paint
- powdered tempera paint
- popped popcorn
- glue
- scissors

On your large sheet of paper trace around a plate or lid in the middle of the paper.

Paint in a stem and a few leaves.

Pour some liquid tempera onto a plate. Using one hand dip into the paint.

Stamp on the petals around the circle you traced.
You should be able to get 5 or 6 handprints on.
Let the painting dry.  Pop some popcorn.
Add about a tablespoon or so of dry tempera paint to the popcorn.

Put the lid on or hold a plate over top the container and give it a good shake.  At school we have 4 large ice cream tubs with lids that we use every year.
When the painting has dried fill traced circle with glue and add popcorn until filled.  Let the glue dry and then post on your bulletin board!
A popcorn garden. 
That's it.  See you next time.