Monday, January 16, 2012

In the Style of Rene Magritte #2

So we are still looking at Surrealism in Grade 6.  The students did my usual lesson on Magritte last year in Grade 5 but I thought we would try another.

Here is our version of  "The Large Family" 1963

and this is the original.

This is my favorite painting of Magritte and always leads to wonderful conversation regarding the symbolism.

- 2 sheets wc paper
- green painter's tape
- disk tempera in blue, yellow,orange,white and black
- paintbrushes
- kleenex
- scissors
- white pastel or pencil crayon
- Dove Template 1, Dove Template 2 or create your own
- tacky glue


Take your wc papers and tape down to your art boards with the green painter's tape.

While the paint is still wet use a kleenex to lift off clouds.

Let dry.

On the second board begin painting your background.

Add some blue, orange and yellow.  Leave the top white as well as the bottom.

Add some black now.  At the bottom you want to fill in with black for the water but leave that white horizon line.

Go over your sky colors with a black wash including the white at the top.

At the bottom add a few waves in the water with white tempera or gauche.

Let background dry.
Turn your cloud paper over and sketch out the flying dove.  Now with Grade 6 I will be asking them to create their own Dove.  I have included a template (see materials list)  for those of you who want it.

Cut out your sketch.
Now to make the head look separate from the back wing you may want to use some white pencil crayon or pastel and strategically place a cloudy mist.

Glue into place and let dry with a piece of wax paper put on top of the surface and then a large heavy book placed on top of that.

That's it.  Magritte used his cloud landscape in several other paintings that your students may enjoy recreating or coming up with their own compositions that draw upon his work.

See you soon.


  1. Really fantastic! Thanks for your clear tutorial!!

  2. Great art lesson! Adding to Kawartha Lakes Mums November Pinterest Board.

  3. Wonderful! Doing this today with my girls!