Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Giraffe Project

If you're kids are driving you crazy why not particpate in the  One Million Giraffe Project.

I'm all for a project that is about creating artwork not by computer or thru any man made objects so if you get a chance check it out.

This particular giraffe is pastel resist, part of my summer research work and the kids at school will definitely be part of the One Million Giraffe project in the fall.

You need some heavy sketch or wc paper to start with.  I use a really heavy paper that is white on one side and natural on the other.  I get it for FREE from Costco. 
If you go to the paper products section there is paper that they insert between the stacks of toliet paper packages and paper towel packages.  It's usually lying on the floor or pushed to the side.
  Costco just puts it in their recycle bin so I make it a point to pick up 2-3 sheets every time I'm there.  It is quite large, 3.5 ft square or so.  Just roll it up put it in your cart and you have some great material.

Print off some reference photos and draw out your design.  If you can draw one from memory or your imagination have at it.  But.....most artists use reference photos.  This is one of those big myths of art that I usually reveal to my students to increase their confidence. 

I usually use 3-4 and pick out different parst from each, I make whatever changes I want as part of my artistic license.

Paint a light coat of yellow and biege (tempera or wc) and then using pastels (white, biege, yellow) mark out the pattern of the giraffe's coat.

Come back in with some stronger browns and tans using your tempera disks or watercolor paint.  I also added some shading for the shadows.  You'll be cutting it out so don't worry about staying in the lines.

I also did a few leaves for the background.

Cut out your giraffe and the leaves and glue these onto a background paper.

You might have to weight it down to get it to dry flat.  I put a layer of wax paper on top and then another art board weighted down with some books.

and that's it.  I have another resist giraffe that is drying and will hopefully work out to show you next time.

I am pleased to be part of "get crafty!"s July roundup.  Check out this amazing selection of kid's activities and projects here.

Make sure you visit me on Thursday as I plan to have my first ever giveaway!
see you soon!


  1. I love how you used the resist technique. The giraffe really stands out on the black background. What a neat project to participate in.

  2. Ooh, thank you for mention Get Crafty! So nice to share all that craftiness out there.

    Also thanks for the Giraffe reminder... submitted one a year ago (or so) and totally forgot about it! WIll be submitting my Giraffe Marionettes!Hurray!


  3. I like how you put the images you created on black paper. I love that look. Very nice idea!

  4. you have certainly sparked my curiosity in the resist art its such a cool method I can't wait to give it a try. I also LOVE giraffes so maybe I will join the million giraffe creations. Thanks as always!


  5. I'm new to your blog. What is resist art?

  6. I love the way you build up an artwork with the various layers. It is also one of my favourite techniques with my teaching.
    Cheryl H

  7. Love this post.
    Love your blog.
    I offered this project last week in my studio, and we had a blast!
    I appreciate you sharing your talent!
    Much warmth,

  8. I just suscribed, and I love the giraffe project!! I love to draw, though not so much paint. Anyway, nice giraffe.