Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painted Kites

Here are some kites that Grade 5 completed with Mrs. Ryan. 

They looked so great in the display case I asked if I could post them on the blog.

Now for this set of kites they used these construction bags as the fabirc for the kites.  It is similar to tarp material and did fray on the edges. 

Mrs. Ryan wanted to use house wrap like tyvec but the roll at the hardware store was too big.  If you can locate a small amount this would be a great option otherwise you might want to sew your edges or fold over and glue down to prevent the fray.

Cut a basic kite shape.  Take 2 sticks, a good cheap option is to use the natural bamboo garden stakes.  Here in Calgary I can get a pack of 24 for a $1.99.

Tape your sticks into place using hockey tape.  You can add a tail with some plastic ribbon which you can also get at the hardware store.

Tie your string on at the joint between the 2 sticks...make sure to tie them together here as well.

Turn over and paint with  acrylic paint.

Great job Grade 5!

I also thought I would include these watercolor pencil  paintings from Grade 4.

Wonderful work Grade 4!


  1. Wonderful projects with the kids!

  2. new follower via Laura's Watercolors, Great Ideas! How fun! Deborah

  3. I LOVE the kites! Alone they are beautiful but seeing them all together is brilliant!

  4. I just received loads of that tarp fabric from local Asian restaurants by asking for rice bags!! I was wondering what to do with some of the extras and now I know!!!! Free and reusing!