Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Depot

Every year I am fortunate to be able to take the kids from one grade to Home Depot for a field trip and workshop.

This year it was Grade One. 

The staff are always terrific especially Rose!

The kids had a fork lift demonstration.

and a cutting demonstartion using the large saws.

They then had a workshop where they were thrilled to "hammer" and create a " bean bag game".

Today we painted our creations at school with acrylic paint.

Gotta love Home Depot!  Thank you so much for giving 44 Grade Ones the "bestest" field trip ever! (and still a freebie)


  1. I never thought of Home Depot for a field trip. Last year we took a group of about 15 homeschoolers on a field trip to Publix Market, and it was a big hit.

  2. That is great!! Every year I just dread the 'Building Things' unit. Do all of the stores in Calgary run the program? How did you go about booking it? You have me very excited about this!!

  3. Anonymous: phone the Home Depot in your area and ask to speak to rep about booking the Children's depends on how many kits they have available..I book ahead of time (it takes 4 weeks for the kits to come if they do not have them in stock)..I also find that it is sometimes easier to book a Home Depot in an older nieghborhood as there is less competition for a spot with other schools, pre schools, etc.
    They provide a few staff to assist, aprons for all the kids, the project, a pin, and a certificate.
    It helps to have several parent volunteers if you can to help the kids out.