Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunny Willows

Here is a really cute craft I'm calling "Bunny Willows".

I was at Dollaramma and they had these great packages of pastel colored pompoms, which of course I bought thinking I would come up with something.

The kids had a great time making these and I did this craft with both the Beavers troop (5-8 yr olds) and Kindergarten.

Materials Required:

a branch
large pompoms
med. pompoms
teeny tiny pompoms
tiny googly eyes or black beads
scraps of felt
tacky glue

Take a large pompom and spread it apart a bit.  Apply some glue.

Find a good spot on your branch...stick the pompom on and give it a good squeeze.

Continue to add large pompoms everywhere you want a bunny.  The pompoms look great on the branch by themselves too....... so you don't have to make everyone a bunny if you don't want to.

Take your scraps of felt and cut out a set of ears.  I did this ahead of time for the kids.  I made the ears all one piece for easy gluing.

Apply some glue to the bottom of the ears and stick on a medium pompom.

Add 2 eyes and a teeny tiny pompom for a nose.

Then glue this head onto your large pompom.

Finally you can add another teeny tiny pompom to the back for a tail.

Give it a try and I'll see you soon from Maui!


  1. ..i love it :) really lovely idea :)

  2. What a lovely project!

    I wanted to let you know that we made the bead/clay crosses. I posted a pic on my blog. Thank you for such great ideas!

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  4. Lovely idea, a great tutorial!

  5. Oh my goodness, Gail! These are just adorable and colorful and fun and festive!

    You come up with the best ideas!

    And, since it is just about time for you to return from your trip, welcome home!

  6. Thank you so much for all these lovely ideas! I put your link in my blog along with pictures of us doing your projects. :)
    God Bless!