Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple Christmas Trees

Here is a simple Christmas Tree that is very easy to make. You can make it any size you wish. Perfect as a companion to the Snowman we made in an earlier post here.
Materials Required:
corrugated paper or cardstock
glue stick
tacky glue
glitter glue
Styrofoam stars
In September I was cleaning out the paper supply room at school and came across a lot of odds and ends of corrugated paper....we use it as a background on bulletin boards.
The caretaker was going to toss it but I convinced him to keep it as I knew I could make it into a project. So this is what I came up with.
You need 3 identical tree shapes for this. You can use my tree template or make your own.
If you don't have any corrugated paper you can make some using a of my favorite tools (about $23.00 at Michael's) or you can just use plain cardstock it works just as well.
Trace out 3 trees. At school I used the Ellison die cut machine. We had a tree die, I just needed to cut the trunk off.
If using corrugated paper you want the lines to run vertically...this makes for easier folding in the next step.
Cut out with scissors.
Fold trees in half.
Take one tree and unfold...apply glue to the back with a glue stick.
Take the 2nd tree and stick one half on the tree with the glue on it. Try to match up all the edges.
Take the 3rd tree and apply glue to the 1/2 that will connect to the 2nd tree you just added. Press together matching edges.
Your tree should look like this now.
Using what you have on hand decorate your tree. I used sequins, glitter glue...I found these small Styrofoam stars at the dollar store...I left some of them plain and others I covered with glitter.
That's it....easy peasy. It's a good craft for younger kids and it's nice that it stands up on it's own.
Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts that we will be doing on Christmas craft day this Friday....125 kids rotating thru 12 crafts and I still haven't finished all the prep.
Next up....Pinecone Skiers ...see you soon.


  1. I just love these!
    Thank you so much!

  2. This looks like a fun project to do with my kiddos! Love this! I've linked:

  3. I need to get a crimper! This project looks wonderful :)

  4. I love that! A perfect craft for me to do with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just found your site this morning and I love all of your wonderful ideas! I've posted a link to this on my blog. Hope that's okay? I wanted to share your little trees and snowman skiers with my dollhouse miniature friends! Thank you so much!

  6. Attractive and easy! Great combination. Thanks for sharing it.