Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Make a Little Snowman

Here is one of the crafts for the Christmas Craft Day at school...a little standing snowman which can easily have a string added and used as a tree decoration.

These snowmen are approx. 4 - 5 inches tall and very easy to make so let's get started.

Materials Required:

aluminum foil
Crayola Model Magic in white
scrap of white cardstock
glitter glue
3 round sequins
wooden skewer
orange paint
1 inch smooth Styrofoam ball
1 inch wide garland
white pipecleaner
2 tiny 1/2 inch finishing nails, black if you can get them
fine black sharpie
scraps of black felt
tacky glue

The first thing you want to do is paint the sharp end of your wooden skewer you could also use a toothpick for this but your nose will be smaller.

Set aside to dry.

Take a piece of foil approximately 8 inches long....

...and smoosh into an egg shape that is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches high.

Take a small amount of the Crayola model magic (love this stuff it's like marshmallow fluff without the stickiness) and cover over the foil egg completely....push down on it so the bottom flattens out for standing.

I figure I can get about 10 snowmen from 1 package of Model Magic...if I buy it in the big bin I get 4 double packs so that should make 80 or so.

Place your white egg shaped body on some scrap cardstock and trace around it giving you some extra room.

Using a decorative cutter cut out this shape.

Add some glitter to it with the glitter glue using an old paintbrush.

Stick your egg shaped body onto this base...the glitter glue should be strong enough to hold it on.

Take a round toothpick and stick in to the top of the body leaving an inch sticking up.

It should look something like this now.

Take your white pipe cleaner...bend in half and then bring in each end to the middle...add a few twists to hold it together. This will be your arms.

Wrap around the toothpick once (or twice) and bend the arms into a good position.

Take a 2 - 3 inch piece of 1 inch garland. I found mine at Wal Mart and it is wired...perfect for crafting.... I bought a whole bunch of it knowing I would come up with some sort of craft to use it up.

Wrap your garland around the toothpick.

Take your smooth Styrofoam ball and put some glue on the place you want to stick it into the toothpick...then stick it on. The glue helps keep it in place...otherwise it will just pop off.

It should look something like this.

Take your orange painted skewer and cut off the tip...this will be the carrot nose.

Using another toothpick... stick into the head where you want your nose to be and then pull out.

Put a touch of glue on the hole.....

and then stick the orange skewer in...the glue will keep it in place.

Take your tiny nails....if you couldn't find black nails you can dip the ends of plain nails into some black acrylic paint to get the same look.

Stick in place for the eyes.

Now get your fine sharpie

and draw on a mouth and eyebrows if you wish to give your snowman character.

Take some sequins and glue down the belly for buttons.

Take your black felt and cut a strip approximately 3/4 of an inch wide and 5 inches long.

Fold not quite in half want one end to be a bit shorter.
Starting at the folded end roll up the the end put some tacky glue on the long end and glue the roll together.

You can hold it together with a clothespin while the glue is drying.

Take some more black felt and cut a circle 1 inch in diameter.

Glue to the top of the snowman's head.

Take your roll and glue it in place on top of the black circle.

That's easy adorable snowman...for the craft day the felt will be precut as well as the cardstock rounds...I'll probably have the noses painted but the kids will do the rest.
Give this snowman a try and I'll see you soon.


  1. Very cute.. I love snowmen and I think I might make some and hang on the tree..Thanks for sharing this..

  2. Oh those are very cute! Thanks for sharing such a great step by step for us to follow along.

  3. Adorable! I love that you used the tip of a wooden skewer painted orange for the nose. :o)

    1. you could probably just use a toothpick as the pointy nose to save on cost, 2 kids could use 1 toothpick

  4. Very effective and bags of personality...tfs!

    mandy (UK)

  5. These are so cute!
    I'll have to try this.

  6. I think I will make these with my students in January... glad I found your site.

  7. Those little cuties will be perfect with my new collection of paper mache' houses! Thanks !!

  8. Could you do the same project with a smaller Model Magic head?

  9. These are great! And what a good step-by-step tutorial. Has a vintage look. Reminds me of things we put under our tree as a child.

  10. wow. these are superb!

  11. These are so cute and the instructions are very clear.

  12. Love it, thank you. Reminds me of some decorations my Mom had when I was young.

  13. could u do these as scarecrows for fall & halloween?

  14. Wish all instructions were like yours. Very easy to follow

  15. These are too sweet!! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! They look just like the vintage spun cotton beauties from years past. I HAVE to make some for this year. Thanks again for the detailed tutorial that you shared. be blessed~Shelley

    1. How generous of you to share this little snowman guy with all of us. Thanks much. Sandra

  16. Absolutely adorable and i want to say that you give the very best directions. Thank You🎄

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