Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Batiks

I couldn't let Halloween go by without trying a Batik now could I.
Here is the result of our Halloween glue batiks. For those of you not familiar with the glue technique you can check out my original tutorial here.

My daughter wanted to make a door hanging so after looking in some Halloween books for inspiration she started her design.
For this project we used white cotton.....these are actually some old sheets I had. We cut them into squares about 7x7, not too precise as I knew I would be sewing up the final product.

After washing I sewed each square onto a larger square of natural burlap or jute. I then connected them altogether with a black and white ribbon I had in my stash.
Sorry for the picture quality I was just starting to lose my light. I will be so glad when daylight savings time "falls back". Up here in Canada the sun is just rising when the kids and I go to school and is setting by 5:00pm. At least then I'll get my morning light back.
Some of the other squares I sewed into a table runner.
A tip when working with black paint...paint the other colors in first and let them dry a little bit (maybe 10 minutes) then paint in the black. This helps stop the black from overpowering your whole piece.
I hope this gives you an inkling to give glue batik a try. I could see this applied to Halloween pillow cases for 'trick or treating'. silhouette wall hangings, holiday flags or banners, and table linens.

see you next time


  1. Will this work on construction paper? Love your site.

  2. Anonymous, this technique wouldn't hold up on construction paper because there is a washing stage, but you could do a pastel resist on construction paper. Take blue or grey contrustion paper, have the kids do there design with oil pastels, using white, orange, yellow. Crumple the paper up in a ball like you're throwing it away, smooth it out again, and then paint over it with black tempura, either the cake or liquid form. The pastel will resist the paint and everywhere there is a crack in the pastel from crumpling you'll get some paint showing through. A nice weathered effect that is like a batik.
    Good Luck!

  3. this is a great project & I love the images you all selected.

    thank you. :)

  4. Thanks Gail. I will it a try!