Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Art Exhibit

I wanted to show you how the activities I feature in the blog actually do get completed at the school.

For full instructions see the Painting Fall Trees tutorial on the right sidebar

Click on photo to see larger

These are some of the Fall Trees that the kindergarten classes did. There are 38 of them in total but I couldn't get a full shot

Here are the Fall Tree Batiks done by the Grade 3 class. We used them for decorations during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Click on photo to see larger

For full instructions go to the Fall Themed Batik tutorial in the right sidebar

Hope to post a new activity later.

see you soon



  1. Those are lovely! We had so much fun with this idea that we decided to make some for gifts, but hadn't got started yet. Seeing each unique interpretation by your little artists shows how their "voice" comes through and sets me to a mind to pull out that blue glue! Thanks for the update.

  2. Thank-you very much for the comment ballenger. Those little artists were very proud of their creations, rightly so!
    Good luck with the gifts.

  3. I did the top painting project with my kids and two friends. It was wonderful and I am going to frame them! Take a look -


  4. I absolutely love this website! I had my class do a fall tree project. We have had so many favorable comments on it. I have told all of my fellow teachers about this site! Thank you.