Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miniature Gardens

Well I'm almost packed and tomorrow we venture out to Beautiful British Columbia. Looking forward to lots of inspiration. My Mom suggested this post so this ones for you mom......
I have always been fascinated with miniatures. My favorite ride at Disneyland is the boat thru storybook land, so about 4 years ago I started making miniature gardens. This is the end of school gift that I give to my children's teachers each year.
I paint the houses which are meant for Christmas Village sets. Instead of snow drifts I paint in moss or plants around the house. Churches also make a good setting.
When I paint them I find if you antique them with a little burnt umber and floating gel you get a really nice look. After painting make sure you use 2-3 coats of good outdoor proof sealer.
I was hoping to give you a close up view of the house but I have given all mine away. Maybe I'll do a tutorial next year.
When I'm buying the houses ( got to think ahead now as they are usually on sale in the Fall) I also pick up the little benches. It helps set the scene in the garden.
I then find a nice flat shaped rock and paint a little sign for the house, something like 104 Liliput Lane, or Elfwood Manor, Fairystone get the picture.
You then need a good container that is not too deep but gives you a large planting area. I add a rock pathway and some small flowering plants.
The little school for the teacher was a big hit!
see you next time,

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