Saturday, July 22, 2017

Little Loom Weaving

Here is a little book that was passed on to me by my friends at Ulyssess Press.

"Little Loom Weaving " by Andreia Gomes.

I have spent the last couple of weeks going thru this book backwards and forwards. First off it's a smaller book, 9" x 7.5". Perfect to just slide into a tote or beach bag for some summer reading. 
 (At least that's me, reading arts and crafts books at the beach.....)

It's 111 pages and outlines 14 projects in total.
A great little book for someone who is just starting in weaving and it has some interesting project ideas for us veterans.

It also shows you how to make your own loom out of a picture frame, most little looms are still pretty pricey.  I have 2 class sets of looms made from picture frames and they work very well.  The only thing I do differently is I put a back on mine.  It makes them more stable and durable for school.

- goes thru the basics in a easy to follow way, you can start weaving and soon as you have your loom.
- suggestions for minimizing draw in, that's when kids pull too tight and the weaving looks too skinny in the middle.
- using Rya knots and the Soumak technique, good for projects where you want to challenge yourself a little, still applicable for kids
- good explanation of open slit and interlocking technique for tapestry weaving
- how to take circular weaving to the next level, tying it off the circular loom and then how to display. I will definitely be doing this.

- The only thing I would change is add a few different projects, I was a bit disappointed that there were several wall hanging projects.  They were all different mind you, but I know for school I would have to adapt them into something else.

- I love this plant hanger, easier for kids than macramé and very similar to my Basket Weaving project. except you will have pot they can plant in and a hanger as well. It's just screaming Mother's Day project to me.

So there is 1 copy of "Little Loom Weaving" up for grabs. Leave me a comment or like this post on Facebook. You can also email me directly at
Canadian and US residents only please. (postage is kicking me these days)

I will make the random draw Monday morning as I will be posting a new weaving project, you get a little sneak peek here.

Good luck everyone.



  1. What a wonderful review. I am excited to see your project on Monday. Weaving is something that's been pulling at me for a while so I'm excited to see this.

  2. Looks interesting! I'm doing a basic paper plate weaving with my kids during our week at the beach (experience has taught me that life works better if I have a craft kitted up for the early morning) and I'm really looking forward to exploring it with them.

  3. this sounds so interesting and i like that this craft is portable. small projects make this a wonderful resource to use with children!

  4. In the middle of moving & am eager to unpack supplies! This book would be a great addition so I can try some little loom projects!

  5. Interested in learning more about the little looms, especially the circular loom

  6. This books sounds like fun! I'd love to learn more and teach my kids some techniques.

  7. I have been hankering (in the back of my mind) for quite some time to try to learn how to do small scale weaving. And this little book seems to be possibly the kick in the butt that I need to get me going. Awesome review of it! Thanks! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings

  8. If you choose me, I'll study it and mail it back for you to give away again! how's that for a deal? Thanks for the offer.

  9. Love these ideas for weaving. I think my 6th graders would really enjoy the basket project.