Sunday, October 23, 2016

Folk Art Witch

This is a Halloween version of my Folk Art Angel.


- heavy paper for background, I used watercolour paper
- masking tape
- disk tempera paint
- white acrylic or liquid tempera paint
- paper for painting, I used an old book page
- raffia for brown
- strip of brown paper
- oil pastels
- glue


I taped my background paper to my art board.  Using disk tempera paint I painted a night sky using blue and black.

When background is dry take white acrylic or liquid tempera and mix in a little water.

Using an old stiff brush dip in paint and then flick finger over the bristles to create star splatter.

At school I like to do this in a box to cut down on the mess.

Paint some paper with purple and orange tempera.  We will use these papers to create the witch body and head.

I decided I wanted a pattern on the dress so using some purple acrylic, the end of a pencil and the cap from a spray bottle I stamped on the pattern.

To make the paper for the hat and the legs I first used oil pastel.  White stars for the hat and black lines for the legs.

I then painted over them with disk tempera.

When the papers are dry I start to put my witch together.  The body starts as a rectangle, I then cut one of the corners off.

The arm is a skinny rectangle with a corner cut off.  The head is a pumpkin shape.

The legs are just 2 strips.  I also cut out a witch hat.  With the scraps of orange paper I cut 2 feet and a hand.

The broom is made from a strip of brown paper for the handle.  I wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of some raffia.  I fold it and then twist the pipe cleaner around the top.

Glue into place.

Finally with some pencil crayons and sharpie I add the details to the face.

I added a strip to the hat and a star sticker.

That's it, my Folk Art witch.



  1. My 8yo and I had great fun making these. Was going to share a photo on Facebook but your page doesn't allow for that so just a thank you here! I did the pumpkin as you detailed but she did a cat face. Turned out great!

    1. Hi Erika,
      I'm thrilled you did the project and thanks for the cat face idea, I will have to try it.
      Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
      Take care.