Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Owls in the style of Paul Klee

It seems every year I do a Fall owl project.

These owls are inspired by Paul Klee.

This one is on hardboard but you could use cardboard.

The wings are made out of corrugated cardboard and the beak is recycled foam.

You can also do a full paper version, this one is in the art journal.


- substrate, can be hardboard, masonite, cardboard, canvas or paper
- gesso for priming, optional
- acrylic or tempera paint
- corrugated cardboard
- recycled papers
- glue


If you wish you can prime your substrate with gesso.

Take a piece of recycled paper, this is a large book page, paint with the colour you want for the body.

I also painted a red one for the head.

I painted the corrugated cardboard in shades of brown.  This will be for the wings.

I cut a beak out of recycled foam and painted it yellow.

I painted the background (substrate) in shades of blue.

I try not to let paint go to waste. I'll paint pages in my art journal or plain paper to use in printmaking to use up any excess paint.

This is the orange body paper. I turned it over and sketched out my body shape. Cut it out.

Add dashes of colour to the body.

Cut out some wing shapes from the painted cardboard and add dashes.

To cut out the head I took the red painted paper and turned it over. I traced the head and shoulders of the body on to it.

I turned it upside down and cut a triangle out of the forehead.

I then painted on the dashes.

To make the eyes I cut 2 round circles out of white paper,  I used my circle punch.

I then cut one out of some leftover orange paper.  I cut it in half for the eyelids.

I cut 2 smaller circles out of black paper for the pupils.

Cut a branch out of black paper.

Glue down all the pieces.

Add some shading and details with black and white pencils.

These china markers work on everything.  I buy them by the box at Staples.

That's it.



  1. Gail, I LOVE your art projects you have on your site and love it even more that you have tutorials on how to make them. I am an art educator and will be using many of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. If you ever want to check in on my site to see how your projects look completed by my students you can at moosewoodartstudio.com

  2. I love this project and all your projects really. You are an inspiration and honestly came as a blessing in my life when I wanted to go back teaching art and couldn't find direction. Thank you!!!

  3. Just found this and am very excited! This looks like a lot of fun for the kids I teach.

  4. what grade level would you recommend doing this with

  5. I think you are probably looking at Grade 2 and up. With the younger ones I would use a template for the body just to get a large enough body for the dashes to be put on.