Monday, November 18, 2013

Handprint Angels

This is a Christmas craft I came up with for Kindergarten last week, handprint Angels.

It's made on a 2" x 6" that is cut into a square.  Sturdy enough to stand on their own on a table or mantle.


- piece of 2" x 6" cut into 6" square, I buy 8ft lengths at Home Depot, after cutting each one works out to about 25 cents
- blue or purple acrylic paint
- white acrylic paint
- snow glitter
- brown kraft paper or card stock
- silver or gold paper doilies
- pencil crayons or twistable crayons
- silver or gold pipe cleaners
- silver or gold wrapping paper
- glue
- scissors
- Mod podge


I had the kids paint the wood block either dark blue or purple.

I then painted their hand with white paint.  I used a paintbrush rather than having them place their hand in the paint.  This produces a better print with more definition.

Now I'm using my 11 yr. old son for this photo and his hand just fits.  The kinders hands are smaller so they fit well on the 6" x 6" block.

While the paint is still wet we sprinkle on some snow glitter.

Here are some of the kinders.

Put aside to dry.

When the paint is dry cut a circle out of the brown kraft paper or card stock.  I have a selection of paper in all skin tones just for projects like this one.

I used my circle punch as it was just the right size.

Using pencil crayons, twistable crayons, and fine black sharpies draw in the face.

I had the kinders choose what colour doily they wanted for the wings.  They then cut 2 ovals out of it for the wings.  For some kids I had to draw the ovals on the back and then they cut.

Glue into place on the sides of the palm.  The face is then glued on.

I have a heart punch which we used to cut the heart out of the wrapping paper or card stock.  This is glued under the head.  Take a gold or silver pipe cleaner, cut into thirds.  Twist the piece into a circle to form the halo.  Glue into place.

I printed out the year on the computer and we glued that on the block as well.

Finally you can add a coat of podge to seal and give you a nice shiny finish.

Here are some of the Angels before podging.

Another project from last week was the Nativity silhouettes with grade 2.  Here we did them on canvas instead of paper and then we also podged.

Great work everyone.


  1. They are gorgeous - I think I might see if my little blokes can do them on some Christmas cards!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I just stumbled upon you, so many wonderful Ideas! Each Christmas Season I make a new ornament/decoration with my kids. This year will be the handprint angel for sure! Thank You for all of your lovely shared ideas. My Daughter (age 9) will love to scroll through them, she is always making this's and that's.