Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early Autumn Window Scene

So here is that project I was working on. Trying to combine another writing project with the visual arts.     ( As always you can click on any picture for a larger view and I apologize in advance for some of the darker images as I am having lighting issues in the studio.)

It's based on that realization that Autumn is coming.  The curtain has a poem written on it that the student has composed about that moment.

The viewer that gently lifts back the curtain to reveal.....

 The view that has inspired the poem.

Now you don't necessarily have to have a poem, could be just words around change or transition or for very young learners just the word "FALL".

(writing is not my strong point so my poem is just to give you the idea)

So lets get started:


- corrugated cardboard
- wc paper or thick sketch paper for the background
- paint
- assorted papers
- legal size cartridge paper
- stick or dowel (to be the curtain rod)
- wire
- glue

Paint a background scene.  You will be adding the foreground trees to this scene so it can be fairly simple. 

While your paints are out make some painted papers to use for your trees.

Use a variety.  Here I'm using newspaper, book pages, and parts of an old map.

Add some texture using whatever tools you have around.  Old gift cards for spreading and scraping on paint, ends of brushes to make dots, caps from bottles to imprint circles, etc....

While your papers are drying make your frame.  Using cardboard that is a bit larger than your background cut out a frame.

If you want some texture detail draw on some designs with white glue and then let dry.

When your frame is dry, paint it.  To bring out the texture of the glue design you can dry brush on another color.

While the frame is drying complete your scene.  Using your painted papers add your trees.  Here I cut out leaf shapes, other shapes to represent a mass of leaves, and connect them all with painted branches or add these details with pencil crayons or sharpies.

Using your legal sized paper cut a curtain shape.

Write out your poem, words, sentences, whatever is to be added.

Pencil it in first and then go over with marker so it will stand out.

Take that paper and scrunch it up a few times.

Flatten it out and then paint it.  All your crinkles will show up making it look more like fabric.

When dry attach to your stick or dowel with some glue.

While the glue is still wet scrunch it up a little on the stick to make it look like pleats in the curtain.  Just make sure you can still read the writing.

Glue the frame to the background scene.

Attach the stick (curtain rod) to the front of your picture with wire.

And that's it.  I'll probably attach a sign asking the kids to be gentle with the curtains when these are on display.

Hope this provides you with the inspiration for other projects using a curtain to hide or reveal.

Check back later this week for a new book review and giveaway!

Try to enjoy these last days of summer vacation and I'll see you soon.


  1. I love this idea of using a curtain and a window...I have never tried this, but I will now! You have so many wonderful ideas.

  2. Another fantastic project! Thank you so much for sharing this well as others that use everyday supplies in a whole new way. I think that as adults we are often stifled by the thought that we must use an item for what it was created for. Here you once again are using glue for something unique and also creating a curtain out of simple paper. I am personally going to try this one as a back to school project using a pencil as the curtain rod and out the window will be my vision of my kids heading off to school for the first time this year. Keep up the good work!

  3. ohhhh! I really like this project. Hopefully I will have time to try it out!!