Monday, September 6, 2010

Paint and Embroidery Pillow

I've spent my Labor Day Weekend prepping my daughter's room for its remodel, cleaning up my studio(no easy task), and finishing up this guy.

I had taken a piece of canvas and painted my bird, a Bluethroat, with acrylic paint following the directions I have already outlined in this post.

Once dry you can embroidery at your leisure.  I do mine sans hoop as the canvas is heavy and doesn't move around a lot.

After contemplating it a bit I decided to make a pillow but needed to make it larger so I added some strips of fabric with the machine.

I then mitered my corners....haven't done this for ages so they're not perfect and my canvas wasn't square to begin with but they're passable.

and that's it......... a new addition to the living room.

I have also been enjoying these which I scored at the Paris news stands.

I have been a long admirer of the blog but wasn't ready to take the plunge of a very expensive subscription until I examined them hands on......I signed up the day I got back!

Lots of projects on the go so hope to see you again soon.
Take care.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL beautiful beautiful and the autumn colors together with that blue... fantastic.

  2. I think you are AMAZING. I adore your blog. Please keep the wonderfulness coming!

    ~ Jade

  3. This is very nice! Do you have a pattern for the bird? I didn't see it on the page you linked.

  4. Love the bird. You have such good ideas.

  5. Nice pillows. I super duper love the owl. Very cute and adorable. Love it!

  6. LOVE this!

    I just purchased a set of water color pencils as I am told they will work on fabrics. So one of these days when i am feeling terrible brave, i will try to draw something! And now i know how I will display it! thank you