Monday, November 9, 2009

Remembrance Day Mixed Media Project

Sorry I haven't been around much but I have been preparing for a well as planning for our annual Christmas Craft Day.
So enough excuses here is a second Remembrance Day project. A mixed media Peace painting.
This combines painting with some computer work and a little poetry so it's a great choice for Grades 3 - 6.
Materials Required:
watercolor paper
watercolor paint
plastic wrap
re positional contact paper
fine markers or black pens
printed computer work
optional embellishments
Take your watercolor paper and tape off on your art board.
Using dove template trace on to the back of the re positional contact paper. I buy mine from Home Depot for about $4.00 a roll.
Peel off paper backing and stick to your watercolor paper where you want it to be. If you make a mistake no big deal it's re positional!
Add some watercolor paint to your paper. For the next step the paint has to be still wet...if yours has dried a bit you can spray some water on it.
Lay your plastic wrap on top and smoosh a bit with your fingers to get that nice texture. Leave it to dry with the plastic wrap still on.
When dry remove plastic wrap and the contact paper.
Have your students select a statement or a few words representing Remembrance Day. Using fine markers or pens write those words around the white dove shape curving as you go.
If you run out of room to repeat the words fully at the end just add a .... to connect to the beginning. Click on the picture to see larger.
At the computer print off those same words in 3 different fonts. You can vary size if you wish.
Using your watercolors lightly paint over these words. I printed these on regular printer paper. Let dry.
I decided to add a little shading to my dove while the paints were out.
Cut out the can play a bit with the shape of your I decided to follow the choppiness of my painting strokes.
Apply some glue to the back of your words. Glue sticks don't tend to stick to well to painted backgrounds but you can give it a try.
If using white or tacky glue use a piece of cardboard to remove the excess so you just have a thin coat of glue.
Put into place.
I decided to add a little pearlizing to mine. I usually don't use glitter with the kids as I find they tend to overdo it. This pearlizing medium just adds a little shine. You could also use metallic acrylic craft paint. They tend to be quite translucent.
I also decided to add some ripped pieces of wax paper. I'm gluing it in place with acrylic medium but you can use glue.
That's it. You can also use the dove template as a paper chain or just cut it on the fold for 2 doves and then add this to a painted paper background.
Give it a try. Remember to save those Halloween candy boxes for our next project!
see you soon


  1. Thanks so much for a great blog! You have fun ideas for all ages using many mediums. I'm quite upset about all the art/music programs that are being cut from schools because they aren't "important" How ridiculous is that! Guess we'll be doing that at home. Thanks again!
    Heather M. Utah

  2. My daughther told me about your blog, and I'm very glad she did. I love art and I love little kids. I have 7 grandchildren whom I teach art to sometimes and I will be using your site for help.
    Thank you for all your work.
    I'm following your blog!!

  3. I just discovered your blog today. I love it. You have some wonderfully creative projects for kids. I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor.

  4. Gail- can you tell me more about your christmas craft day? I just noticed you mentioned it above in your yet another fabulous art project idea. Thank you for sharing these!

  5. What a fabulous project. especially love the background papers you are creating, using the saran wrap!