Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work on Sets Continues

Well the set painting continues. We have been hard at it for the last 2 days. Here is the Mansion set and the outside garden....

The Mansion scene has a part outside in the garden so you have to imagine a cut wall here...still have to fiddle with it to make it look right.

Here is the finished sets from last time.

All the sets were supposed to be done for Wednesday but like everything we need a bit more time.....hope to be done by end of Thursday as I'm off on a field trip with Kindergarten tomorrow. Then my life should get back to normal and I can post some great Mother's Day Projects I have been putting together...Thanks for your patience and thanks to my Mom volunteers for helping me out!
see you next time


  1. Hi Gail. The sets look great--what fun to design stage sets! The students who wrote/ will be in the opera must be so pleased!
    BTW I absolutely love the painting in your banner: the sky is stunning, and you captured the delicacy of the spring trees perfectly (something I have found hard to do).

  2. wow... cheers to you!!! you made all of that?
    you're soo artistic and bizarre... i loved it... you know, there were only few people who are gifted with a passion for art and i could say that you're lucky co'z you have it... well done!!!:)