Monday, March 16, 2009

Tissue Paper Rainbows

I'm a bit behind in posting as my youngest was in for eye surgery on Friday...everything turned out terrific and he is back at it causing his siblings lots of grief.
Here is a project I did with Kindergarten today. Fairly straight forward....its bit of an old standby for most teachers so I tend not to use this technique too much. It was a big hit with kindergarten though.

Materials Required:
paper plates, cut in half with a semi circle cut out of the center
colored tissue paper cut into squares
black paper
black pipe cleaner
gold paper
Take your paper plate and run a line of glue following the arc of the rainbow shape. I started the kids out from the inside tended to be easier to work thru than the other way.
Pick a color and smunch up the tissue into the glue and continue until the entire row is completed. We did not use the end of pencil as those little fingers work really well on their own.

Continue row by row selecting a different color each time.
This was easily mastered by all the kids.

Continue until the paper plate shape is covered.

I then gave the kids a template to trace around of a pot of gold. I just traced these out on some thin cardboard.
The then had to cut 3 coins out of gold paper and glue them with a glue stick to the top of their pot. We added a small piece of black pipe cleaner (about 3 inches) which we taped to the back of our pot and glued the handle to one end of our rainbow.

That's it. They turned out better than I expected and the kids had a great time. Sorry it's a bit late.


  1. So beautiful! I love all the color in your projects!

  2. I just paid for the Eric Carle project. How do I download this?

  3. How long did this project take with kindergartens? (about)

  4. Hey anonymous,
    I did this as a center and 24 kids rotated thru in about 2 hrs. On average it took each child about 1/2 an hr depending on how small they made their tissue paper scrunched ball.

  5. Do you sell any lesson plans?
    Thanks Eva

  6. Found this through Pinterest and made it today with my neighborhood play group. There were 3 kids all 2.5-3. They had so much fun gluing and crunching up the tissue paper and placing it on the plate. They turned out so cute!! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!

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    I hope to see you there :)
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