Monday, January 12, 2009

Unexpected Day Off

Well.... one son at home with a sty so that means my art classes were cancelled for the day. Too bad I had all the prep done for the Chinese Dragon puppet. Can't even post it yet as I need the sample unpainted until after the construction phase is done. Oh well hopefully by Wednesday.

So what to do..what to do...

Worked on my daily painting practice.

Still working on those water reflections.

Started designing some Valentine's Day ideas. I usually have to get these done early as we take our annual winter vacation over Valentine's.

Haven't embellished them yet but if you are interested here is the template.

Otherwise just planning out projects for the next few weeks. Came across a great paper mache Penguin project I am going to do with Grade 1. Hope to post our results.




  1. I love your painting. The boats are drawn beautifully and I love the reflections in the water and the house overlooking the scene! It's really wonderful--so bright and crisp!
    And the paper angels are adorable--it's great how you've arranged them into couples!

  2. Beautiful paintings. I guess you could call this 'found time' and sounds like you used it wisely.

  3. Thanks for the comment Gail! I know my colors are adventurous, but I'm hoping to push even further. The penguin project looks fun. Maybe they'll make you feel warm since they handle the cold so well! Happy New Year!

  4. Your boat painting is looking good! I like how you have edited the picture- that is one of my first problems when I begin a painting!
    The penguins are cute. I suppose snowmen could be made in a similar fashion...