Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to make Paper Poppies

So here is a paper poppy based on an earlier project ..... Paper Sunflowers.

I think they make very nice Poppies for Remembrance Day and the centers are made guessed it ...Poppy seeds.

Materials Required:

red/green paint
thin cardboard
black felt
wax paper
poppy seeds

Paint your newspaper red. I prefer to use the classified section when I'm using newspaper as there are fewer pictures but use whatever you like. Let dry.

While you have your paints out you can paint a sheet or two green if you want to make a few poppy leaves.

For younger kids you can also try fingerpaint. I will be making poppies with kindergarten and we are going to fingerpaint our paper.

If using fingerpaint use fingerpaint paper and not newspaper as it will not hold up.

For added texture you can also comb your fingerpaint. Picks work best for combing as the have a good handle for kids to work with.

You need to cut 2 circles out of your thin cardboard for each flower. I used the bottom of my toothpick dispenser to trace around as the template.

Cut some poppy shaped petals out of your painted paper. They are a bit heart shaped. You need about 5 for each flower.

Place a bead of glue around the inner edge of one of your cardboard circles and put your petals into place. ( see sunflower tutorial for pictures on this step)

Take your second cardboard circle, cover with glue and sprinkle poppy seeds all over it, press down with your fingers to make sure those seeds are secure.

Put some glue in the center of your petals and glue your poppy seed circle into place.

Cut a circle out of the felt that is slightly larger than the 2 cardboard circles.

Put some glue on the back of your poppy, place twig in the center and cover with the black felt pressing it to surround the twig.

The felt holds the twig in place.

Let dry. You can cut out some poppy leaves from the green painted paper if you wish and glue them to the twig.

If your poppies will be seen from the back as well as the front you might want to paint both sides of the paper.

They make a very nice arrangement.


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  1. I like it all but I don't understand until you start to talk about the felt I don't understand please tell me in simpiliar form