Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to make a Fall Leaf Fairy Pin

The summer is ending and I am anxious to get started on some Fall crafts. Here is a leaf fairy I started making about 4 years ago.

A perfect friend for back to school. (they also make good gifts for your new teachers).

There are two versions. First I'll show you the easy way that kids can do and then the harder version which require a little sewing, ( more for older kids and Moms ). So come along now and make a leaf fairy.

Materials needed:

- artificial silk fall leaves, felt in fall colors, glue, wooden beads (16mm or 3/4 inch)

- pipe cleaners, wool roving or yarn for hair (optional), acorn cap (optional), pin back

- For the harder version Thread/needle, embroidery floss for hands


You need some fall silk leaves. You can pick these up at Wal mart, Micheals, etc. try to get ones made from fabric. Some are made from a lightweight almost papery material. Don't get that as it will just rip while you are working with it.

Clip or pull the leaf of the main stem. Leave the plastic veins on. They help the leaf keep its nice shape.

The ones I used here was chenille type fabric. It has some texture to it like velvet.
From the leaves select the one you want to use, for pins you want a smaller one about 2-3 inches in size.

Find some felt that complements the leaf to use for the backing.

Set this aside for now while you work on the head and hands.

Take your wooden bead and either paint on a face or color one in using markers. My kids like to use fine micron markers to make the face but you can also use pencil crayons.

Take one 12 inch pipe cleaner and cut it in half.

Thread your bead on and center it on the pipe cleaner.

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to hold the bead secure. Don't worry about the pipe cleaner showing in the back as you can cover it with hair.

Bend the ends up and hide inside the bead.

For the easy version take 1/2 a colored pipe cleaner, twist onto pipe cleaner attached to the bead. then bend ends down to the body. You then twist the arms a little to make a good hand/arm.

Place your chosen leaf on the felt ( you could pin it or even trace it at this point if it makes this easier ) and cut around it . Try to cut the felt slightly larger than the leaf.

Where the leaf indents at the top for the stem try to cut the felt straight across. This gives you a little extra backing to support the head and body.

Glue body onto the felt leaf. Position the hands where you want them to be before gluing.

Now put a bead of glue all around the leaf shape as well as on the body and arms. Then position the artificial silk leaf on top.
Make sure the hands are sticking out where you want them to be. Use a few clothespins to hold down the layers until the glue dries.

Now we can put on some hair and a hat. For mine I used a little bit of brown wool roving. For those of you who don't have wool roving just lying around you can use some yarn. It sometimes helps to unravel it and separate the strands to make it look more like hair.
Glue this on by coating the back of the head with glue.

I used an acorn cap for a hat. Another option is to use the inside ring of petals in a silk flower.
You could also cut a little cap out of felt and glue it on.

Glue your acorn cap on.
Then glue on the pin back.

Here is a finished easy Leaf Fairy.

For a more polished look we follow the same directions up to the arms.

We still use 1/2 a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the body.

Using the embroidery floss wind some on in the middle of one arm.

Bend the arm in half and wind some floss around both parts to form the hand.

Knot off when done and do the other hand/arm.

Now lets work on the leaf body. Place your leaf on the felt you have selected.

If you want to machine sew it do it now leaving the upper third of the leaf free. Now cut around the leaf.
If you want to hand sew cut out the felt leaf shape first and the sew to the artificial silk one but leave the upper third unsewn.

Remember to try to leave a little extra felt where the stem attaches to the leaf, just cut across without making the indentation.

Insert the body between the two leaves. Position where you want the hands to be.

You can also insert a little batting to puff it up a bit if you desire.
Pin layers into place and finish sewing the upper third of the leaf. You will be sewing the body and hands into place as you do this.

Finish off with hair and a hat. Sew or glue on the pin back and your done.

A New Friend

Make one or a dozen and have fun!
see you soon


  1. So adorable--I absolutely the jaunty acorn-top beret!!

  2. Those are so cute! I am going to try it with my boys.
    Thanks for all your great posts!

  3. Hi! Because I always enjoy your blog so much and you are so sharing and creative, I've chosen you to receive an award from my blog. If You would like to display it, please come on over and grab yourself a copy. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Laura and Haffnewie. I really appreciate your comments. It keeps me encouraged to keep posting.
    Craftymug thanks for the award I just have to figure out how to post it and who I should pass it on too.
    Thanks again!

  5. I was searching for autumn crafts and found this. It is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to make one!