Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Canning Tomatoes

I know, I know no new paintings and no new crafts, but its that time of year. Between Back to School shopping for my now "must be hip" 10yr old and canning I been busy.
Canning in Canada is an institution. I usually only can tomatoes and salsa. My Mom makes the pickles. I also freeze apple and peach pies, and cabbage rolls. If I'm really ambitious I'll do perogies too.
This weekend we went to Heritage Park for their vegetable sale. "Produce at old time prices "was the slogan. Luckily we took the wagon. 75lbs of tomatoes for $15.00!!!!
Anyhow it was cool and rainy yesterday so a good time to can ...... the kids decided to help.
(that only lasted for 40lbs or so)
It was a good afternoon project though. They also had fun designing the label.
oh well, back to the pies, shopping, etc.,etc.
see you soon


  1. Canning! OH YES!! Here too -- figs and pears! Tomatoes, we typically dry for crumbling into salads or rehydrating for pizza! Busy time indeed!


  2. Oh, I want to come to your house and learn how to do this! I canned, for the first time this summer, peach butter and apple butter. And just the other day I tried my salsa. But I have fond memories of my parents canning tomatoes! They look wonderful!
    And I love the pictures of your kids helping out!

  3. Wow--those rows of jars of tomatoes sure look appealing; how satisfying it must be to you!! Love the name on the label: Fat and Happy. Yessir!

  4. Oh, They look yummy....... How I wish I could still can.
    For me nothing taste better or looks
    better than some fresh canned tomatoes!!!
    I use to do about 80-90 quarts and they would be ready to can just about time my boys went to band camp and my Husband and I always chaperoned. But usually got them picked and canned without to much waste.