Monday, January 14, 2013

How to make a Snowman Banner

This is a cute project I'm doing with Kindergarten right now.

Snowman Banners.

Here in Calgary we just received a good dump of snow and now it's warming up (above 0 degrees celsius).....perfect snowman weather!

We wanted a cute and easy project that incorporated textiles.


- fabric or burlap 
- sewing machine or glue gun (adult use only)
- white felt/material
- masking tape
- sponges or foam
- white acrylic paint
- wax paper
- tacky glue
- black felt
- red felt or fleece
- 2 black buttons
- 3 assorted buttons
- small scrap of orange material
- black dimensional fabric paint
- brown yarn
- fabric snowflakes
- dowel, stick, bamboo garden stake
- yarn


Take an art board or piece of cardboard and tape on some wax paper.

The paint will seep thru the fabric.

Take the fabric or burlap and cut a rectangle.  Sew a channel at the top.  If you don't sew you can use a glue gun.

Tape the banner to the wax paper.  This will stop it from moving around.

Take the white fabric or felt and cut some snow for the bottom.

With Kindergarten I had this pre-cut for them.

Glue on to the bottom of the banner with the tacky glue.

Take your sponges or foam and cut a large circle, a medium circle, and a small circle.

Put some white acrylic paint on a plate.  Place the large sponge into the paint, swirl it a bit getting it loaded with enough paint.

Place in the centre of the banner touching the white fabric at the bottom.  Press down.  Continue with the medium sponge and the finish with the small one.

Cut a hat out of the black felt.  You could also make a toque with some brightly coloured felt or fleece and add a pom pom.

Glue into place.

Add a scarf out of felt or fabric.  2 black button eyes and 3 assorted buttons.

With some dimensional fabric paint add a smile.

Cut a little triangle out of orange fabric or felt and glue into place.

Cut some lengths of brown yarn and glue on for arms.

I found some nice fabric snowflakes at the dollar store so we added them to our background.

Add a dowel, I use natural bamboo stakes from the garden centre, trimmed down to size.

Add some yarn and your banner is ready to hang.

The grade 1 just finished this paper snowman so I thought I would show you.

Very easy to do if you are looking for a quick snowman project.

So if you are knee deep in snow like we are why not give these projects a try.

See you soon.


  1. Can't put my finger on it exactly, but I just love the snowman banner! Maybe it is just that i can not look at it but it brings a smile!

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