Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Postcard from Paris" Valentine

I've been putting together a few projects for St. Valentine's Day and this is one of them. A vintage looking photograph/ postcard idea. To make this postcard you need:

- watercolor or heavy paper
- white and black paper scraps
- black and white tempera paint
- pieces of corrugated cardboard
- red felt
- template (Paris Postcard)
- glue
- bubble wrap
- fine black sharpie
- glue
- photo

Mask off your paper to get a nice finished edge.  Draw in a faint horizon line and paint the sky with a light grey.
Using a Kleenex light off some clouds while the paint is still wet.
Put in a few drops of color into your clouds for some contrast.
Using a darker grey shade paint in the ground and add a few shapes into the background, they look like blurry trees or buildings in the background.
You can add some texture using a piece of bubble wrap.

Now I'm planning to do this with Grade 2 so I needed an easy way to make an Eiffel Tower.  This is where the cardboard comes in.  You need a variety of sizes to construct your tower.  There is black tempera in the plate and you will be using the side of the cardboard to make your print.
Taking a long piece curve it slightly so it flares out on the bottom and stamp in one side of your tower.
Do the same for the other side.  You can always add some extra length to the bottom to make your tower bigger.
Now you need to add the 3 levels......

With a fine sharpie you can add a few details to your tower.
Now you can borrow my templates but it would be great to get your students to draw out their figures. Use your photo for the face if you wish.
Add some details to the clothing.  I want the kids to keep to the black and white theme.
Glue into place and add a red heart for that punch of color.  I'm using some red felt cutouts I got from the dollar store.

The last thing the kids have to add is the "From Paris with Love" and that's it.  I will mount them on black paper so they look like an old fashioned photograph.

See you soon.


  1. Uauuu! This is absolutelly great. I love what you did with cardboard.

  2. This is so FANTASTIC Gail! I'm amazed how much the cardboard edge print looks like the Eiffel Tower. Their parents are going to treasure these!

  3. What a clever way to make the Eiffel Tower!!!

  4. These are wonderful, can't wait to try it with my class as well as my kids classes!

  5. OOOOOOH my goodness. I am dying. I can't wait to make this with my students and my kids! What a kick!

  6. I love the idea of the Eiffel Tower! I think I will make really big ones with my art club! Thanks for the fabulous idea! :)

  7. this is terrific! great idea. love the vintage look with the valentine twist!

  8. Outstanding!
    What a great idea.

    I love your artwork so much.


    I really wish I had space for my after school program that I didn't have to clean daily. (we use the school cafeteria)

    I'd love to do projects that require drying time...

  9. What a great blog. I came from Vivid Layers and she talked of your blog and all well worth it. Thanks for tutorial. You are now on my list. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I am doing a study of art and culture around the world. This would be a great addition! I love it...mind if I borrow?

  11. These turn out awesome. I can't wait to introduce this to my students. I teach in a modified TAB situation, so it will be set up as a choice at a studio. Thanks for a fantastic and inspiring blog! I'll post this to my blog too.

  12. What a fantastic idea! You never cease to amaze me with each visit to your site!

  13. Wow I wish I had your creativity... I will definitely be using many of your crafts for homeschooling my son. Keep up the good work!

  14. What a fantastic idea!! I love it!! Great job!

  15. Thank you soooo much! We did this and the kids loved it! Check them out:

  16. Wow that was a great idea of making Eiffel Tower. Your a great artist. Bravoooooo!!!