Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glue Stamped Papers

When putting together an art project my first priority is to get the kids to make as many of the materials as I can.

Now I'll admit it's easy to walk into a scrap booking or art supply store and fall in love with all the different papers....but it's so much more fun to make you own (cheaper too)!

Whenever I give one of my presentations I always talk about building a paper stash.  What I mean by this is as you work on a project make a few extra papers...they always come in handy. Store them by color and pull them out when you need a quick cut and paste project.  Because the papers are handmade the project will look incredible and the kids will remember all the techniques they used to create them.
 My Monster project uses this stash you can also start building your stash while making the papers for this project:

A cool paper to try is a glue stamped's a resist.  The glue resists the paint and leaves a ghost like image when painted over.

For these papers you need:
- some stamps (any type will do)
- regular white glue
- paper to be stamped
- disk tempera, watercolor, or watered down acrylic

Pour a little glue on a plate or flat container, you just need a little.

Dip your stamp into the glue, you only need a thin coat and then stamp onto your paper.  To get a nice random look be sure to have some stamps going off the sides.

Let dry.

Paint with some tempera, watercolor, or watered down acrylic paint.  The glue resists the paint and you get that nice ghostly image.

Here is another glue stamped paper.

Here I am printing glue dots on top of an old book page.

I love using book pages especially from old hardcover books that I get from the discard pile in the library.  Choose children's chapter books, that way you don't have to worry about any objectionable words.


These old pages take the water based paint very well.

For this project I added a skyline. 

Used papers from the stash to cut out windows....another good use for those book pages is to have the kids search through them and pick out words and phrases to construct some poetry or text to go with the art project.

Add a self portrait cartoon style and you have a completed project.

see you next time!


  1. Perfect, again.I love this project with selfmade papers.

  2. Awesome idea. This reminds me of some of the illustrations in some of my daugthers favorite books. I bet she'd love to do this.

  3. Very creative and talented art! I am also an artist doing mainly female nudes (

  4. I came across your blog just searching through other fellow art teachers blogs and I am so glad I came across yours! I love this self made paper idea. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I've been wanting to make a stash of self-decorated papers. The glue resist is wonderful. I'd love to see some of your other paper decoration ideas.

  6. yes, thanks, I've taken your "stash" suggestion back in the fall.. I'm jsut running out of room now!
    Love the stamp + resist.

  7. Love it! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can't wait to try this. I have been experimenting with different types of techniques to create intereesting backgrounds. I think these techniques will be a wonderful addition to my repetoir. Thanks for the great ideas. Feel free to check out my

  9. Totally love the glue resist technique, and will be trying it out soon. However, I think I'll use some of the enormous mountain of wallpaper sample books I have, courtesy of a designer friend who was clearing out her samples library.

    If you're looking for interesting colours and patterns, try asking local design firms if they have any sample books they're wanting to dispose of! I got wallpaper in all range of colours and styles, but also veneer samples (wood bits, like dominoes only in interesting colours) and lots of fabric bits, too. The potential in those books is ENORMOUS! So much fun!

  10. You always WOW me! You are an AWESOME artist! Thank you for the inspiration.