Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Pockets

Here is a simple Valentine pocket idea that I did with Kindergarten today. I wasn't crazy about my design but the kids had a blast so here we go.

Materials Required:

paper plates
paint in Valentine colors
red, purple, white, and black paper
glue stick
glitter glue, sequins etc. for embellishments

Take 2 plates, cut one in half.

Paint with Valentine colors. I made the kids choose 2 colors.

The girls seemed to prefer purple and pink while all the boys chose purple and red.

Out of red or purple paper, (depending what color you painted your 1/2 plate), cut a large heart.

I traced the hearts out ahead of time for Kindergarten on the fold.

Heart shapes from the fold is one of the basic skills I try to teach them at this age.

Next they cut out white circles and smaller black circles for the eyes.

Glue these on the heart with a glue stick.

Cut a mouth out of contrasting paper and glue on as well.

I tell the kids to cut a banana shape.

Cut 4 smaller hearts from contrasting paper for the hands and feet.

Again I traced these out ahead of time and they were cut on the fold.

Take 4 strips of white paper, 2 of them measuring 12 inches and 2 measuring 6 inches.

Accordion fold all strips.

This is another basic skill i try to teach them.

The long strips are the legs and the smaller ones the arms.

Glue a heart to the end of each strip.

Glue into place on your heart.

Now glue your heart man onto the 1/2 plate.

Staple the 1/2 plate to the full plate.

Add embellishments like glitter glue or sequins or smaller hearts.

This is where Kindergarten had a great time.

Some of these heart pockets are fully covered in glitter glue!

Punch 2 holes in the top and attach a ribbon or string for hanging.

We added name tags for our valentine exchange next week.

Well that's all for now. Tomorrow is Valentine Craft day for kindergarten. I hope to post some of the crafts we will be doing this weekend as well as that 'Valentine Peacock'...they are going up on display tomorrow so I should be able to get pictures.



  1. Hello! My girls love to make this pocket, thanks for sharing the idea. You can look their pocket on my blog: McCrafty: Valentinova žepka

  2. Thanks McCrafty, I checked out your blog and they looked terrific.
    We finished all of our pockets on Friday and now 38 of them are all lined up on the bulletion board waiting for Valentines.

  3. These are so funny! I'll keep them in mind.

  4. These are so cute! We did the folded arms and legs from projects when I was a kid. Remembering all these fun activities is so much fun, I just love coming here! I'll be linking.