Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to make a Valentine Peacock

Here is a non traditional valentine idea. I was trying to come up with something colorful....I don't know about you but I can get really frustrated coming up with Valentine projects....I think its the limited palette...oh well this is what I did with Grade 3 Valentine Peacocks, not turkeys like some of the grade 1's labelled them. Materials Required: paper plate construction paper in blue, orange, yellow, black glue paint stapler glue stick scissors template Here is the template, I have published on Google docs as well. Directions: Paint your paper plate, I told the kids they could use whatever colors they wanted as long as a heart theme was evident. Let dry. Using the template cut out the body piece on the fold out of the blue paper. Cut a crown feather piece out of yellow, and a beak out of orange...for the beak you cut a triangle shape (like a ramp) on the fold. Cut a slit in the Peacock body where the beak should go and insert and glue or tape down. Glue or tape on the crown feathers. Add eyes. Staple the body onto the painted plate trying to keep the 3D effect by using the fold. That's it...pretty simple but quite effective.

I am leaving for Maui today and will be gone for 2 weeks. Hope to be back posting projects by Feb 26th. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's as well as a good Family Day (Canada) or President's Day (USA).

I plan on doing a lot of painting and I am taking the laptop so I may post a few paintings here and there.

Take care



  1. Oh that's beautiful. I love the colors on the peacock!

  2. That is a very colorful peacock ! Love reading your blog. Happy Valentines Day

  3. I love your works.You are very succesfull.with my best wishes from Turkey

  4. Having spun the penguin theme through January's art classes, I'd decided on peacocks for Valentines. I like the paper plate, but I'm thinking about coffee filters.