Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kandinsky Christmas Tree

This is an easy Christmas tree project.  Good for kinders on up.

I did 3 versions.  This is on paper.

This is on wood.

and then as ornaments.


- heavy painting paper for background, the wood version uses hardboard or MDF
- drawing paper for collage papers
- liquid tempera or acrylic in many colours
- corrugated cardboard
- tacky glue
- a little bit of glitter paper
- thread for hanging if making ornaments


For the paper version I taped off my background paper.

Using blue tempera or acrylic paint your background.  I used 2 blues for variety using a darker blue at the top of my page.

If you don'y have 2 blue shades use a little white or black in your blue paint to mix a different blue to use.

I used blue acrylic on my hardboard for my wood version.

Set aside to dry.

I then took some corrugated cardboard and cut out a large triangle for my tree.

I measured my cardboard to make sure it was slightly smaller than my background before cutting.

For the ornaments I cut smaller triangles and added a little bit of a trunk.

Paint your cardboard green.

I did the same for my ornaments but did both sides.

Set aside to dry.

Now it's time to make our collage papers.  You need to paint a few papers in multiple colours.

At school we will share papers so I will get some students to do the yellow, some to do the green, etc.

I like to get a little variation in my painted papers so I include white to add in here and there or different shades of colours.

When the papers and triangle are dry we can begin assembly.

Here you can see the colour variations I use for the painted papers.  A lot more interesting this way.

Start cutting out different sized circles out of the paper.

We are going to layer some of them.

I like to have it all cut and planned out before I start gluing.

You can use some small circles of a single colour to fill in the holes.

When you have it planned start gluing.

I did the same with my ornaments.

For the top of the tree we are going to make layered circle top.

Now my tree is not glued on here I just have it placed on my background to see how big to make my circle at the top.

I traced the inside of my tape on the back of my painted yellow paper.

I glued this at the top of my background.  I then cut a smaller circle out of some glitter paper and glued that on the yellow circle.

I glued my tree on now and then added a even smaller circle on the top of the tree.

You can see I did the same for the tree on the wood base.

For the ornaments it's a little different.

I cut 2 of my larger yellow circle.  I then glue them together with my hanger thread sandwiched between.

I then glue on the smaller glitter circle on the front and then glue this to my tree.

That's it I hope you give this a try.