Sunday, January 10, 2016

January Pocket Project

Here is my pocket project for January.  Pocket projects are like inchies but the use an ATC (artist trading card) size, 2.5"x3.5".
I've taken the cards out of the pockets for the photo here.

Because the cards are in plastic protector pockets you can add information to the back.  A  great way to combine art and research around a subject area.

Now each ATC is a stand alone art project that you can do much larger if you prefer.

I pick up my pockets at the Dollar Store.

The mitten square was done by drawing the mittens in pencil, add a little colour, and then cut out and glue on the ATC.

I added some text printed from the computer and painted with a red wash.

The Northern Lights ATC follows the project I posted HERE just in miniature form.

The snowflake ATC is a pastel resist.  I added some glitter glue, a gem in the middle, and some white dots using my white sharpie marker.  The snowflake types were added with a white pencil crayon.

The Bonhomme ATC was made by painting an ATC light blue.

- using white paint I painted on the snowman shape
- I added a snipet of ribbon for the belt
- I used a hole punch on some black craft foam for the buttons
- I added the facial features with a sharpie
- the hat is cut from some felt
- a few dots of glitter glue finishes it off

The hockey skate ATC is a close cropped drawing of a skate.  I added a little paint and mounted it on a  blue cardstock.

The snow shadows ATC is based on a larger painting project I like to do in January.

Here is the large version.

Snow shadows always catch my eye, the bluish tinge, the way you see every subtle shadow on the white background of the snow, the diffuse winter light.  It all makes a great painting project.

You want to use watercolour paper.  It's expensive but you only need a 140lb for this project.  There are also some good 90lb papers out there as well.

Tape off your edges.

My paper is upside down here as I have an incline on my painting table and I want the darker colour to be at the top, (the bottom in this picture).

I want some snow action in the sky so I add some salt.  I'm using kosher salt as it gives me the best result.  You want to sprinkle it on before the wet sheen of the paint dries.

Let the sky dry and remove the salt by brushing it away.

This shows you the salt effect.

I add some snow shadows in my snow drifts.  I'm still working upside down here.

You want the tops of snowdrifts to be pristine white.

I mix a dark brown and use the edge of my large flat brush to add the tree limbs.

Now my painting is right side up.

I add some shadows from the trees.  The large tree has a shadow that crosses a dip between 2 snow drifts so I need to make a jag in the shadow to make it look realistic.

Let dry and remove the tape.

See you next time.



  1. I am so glad you are back. This post came at the perfect time for January work. Thanks!

  2. Would love to do this in January! Thinking the images could connect to some poetry...I am wondering if you teach a mini lesson on each technique that you used on your ATC inchies?

    1. Hi Janelle,
      I went over the directions for the ones I felt needed a bit more explaining. There are 3 I did not touch on as I thought they were fairly straight forward. If you need more detailed explanations you can request them by email:
      Thanks, Gail