Friday, March 14, 2014

Landscape Inchies Part 2

Here is part 2 of the inchie tutorial.

We will be making these 3 inches, Canadian Shield, Atlantic, and Great Lakes region.


- wc paper inches cut to 3"x3"
- scrap piece of heavy paper
- white tissue paper
- glue
- green painter's tape
- disk tempera paint
- acrylic paint, black, white, red, yellow, orange
- fine black and red sharpie
- cotton Q tip
- pencil
- yellow and white oil pastels
- white streamer
- iridescent glitter glue 

Canadian Shield:
Give each student a scrap piece of heavy paper. This can be scraps of wc paper, card stock, etc.

Have them spread some glue over the paper.  Watch out as some kids will put way too much glue on!

Place tissue paper over top of glue and kinda scrunch it.  You want some wrinkles in the paper.

Set aside to dry.

Take a wc inchie.  Put some green painter's tape about halfway up the inchie.

Paint the top part of the inchie a watery blue.  I had the kids mix a little black into the blue to make the sky a little darker.

Let dry.

Remove tape.

Add some yellowy green to the bottom section.

Paint a little darker green lines (hills) on top of the yellow green.  You want to see both colours.

Paint the tissue paper covered scrap paper with some grey acrostic paint.  (black and white mixed together)

Take some white on the brush, splatter with your finger flicking the brush.

You can do black as well if you want.

Let dry.

Cut some rocks out of the tissue paper covered scrap.

Glue onto the inchie.

With a fine black sharpie draw in some trees.

Take a Q tip.  Cut one end off.  You now have a paint applicator that can make small circles (cut end) and large ones (cotton end).

Dab into acrylic paint in fall colours. Apply leaves to your trees.  I chose this because there are some beautiful trees in the Canadian Shield region that are especially nice in the Fall.

That's it for this one.


With pencil draw in a lighthouse on the rocks.  Make sure to add a straight line on one side of the horizon to represent water.

Peggy's Cove is the inspiration.

With red and black sharpie add some details.

With yellow oil pastel put in the glow around the light.  With white oil pastel put in the light and colour in the lighthouse as well.

With a watery purple wash of disk tempera paint over entire inchie.

The oil pastel should resist the paint.  You can blot with a kleenex if you need to.

Let dry.

With black disk tempera paint in the rocks.

Paint the water in dark blue.

Take that same dark blue, make it more watery and add a little to the sky near the top.  You can blend it down a bit.

That's it for this one.

Great lakes Region:

For the Great Lakes I used Niagara Falls which is the on the outlet for Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. (Niagara River).

Take your inchie and draw the falls in pencil.

Paint the sky blue with disk tempera.

Paint the fall section with light blue disk tempera(white and blue mixed).

Paint in the sides with green disk tempera.

Paint water below falls with a dark blue.

Let dry.

With plain water add some to sky above falls.

While still wet blot with tissue lifting some of the colour.  This creates our mist coming from the falls.

Do the same for the bottom of the falls.

Take a 2" piece of white streamer.  Fold in half.  Open and then cut a fringe in one half.

Put some glue over the falls.

Place uncut side of streamer into glue.  Fringe is up top.  You then fold it down to represent falls.

You can then add some iridescent glitter glue and a touch of blue disk tempera to the falls.  Do this carefully as the streamer is quite delicate. 

That's it.  You now have all 6.

See you next time.


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