Sunday, January 27, 2013

Papier Mache Hearts

I made these papier mache hearts with Grade 3 last year and did not get a chance to post them.

They turned out surprisingly well.

- white glue
- recycled container
- kleenex
- wax paper
- cereal or cracker box (chipboard cardboard)
- scissors
- red, pink, or purple card stock
- white tissue paper
- red, pink, or purple liquid tempera paint
- yarn for hanging
- large sewing needle (tapestry or larger)
- awl, or sharp pointy scissors and a knitting needle
- hand written or printed text


Take your cereal box and cut out a heart shape.

Mix some white glue with water in a recycled container.  I mix it at a 1 to 1 ratio.  Tear some kleenex into strips or pieces.

Working on a piece of wax paper, dip kleenex into glue mixture.  The kleenex will clump.  Place these clumps onto your cardboard heart.  Add some dry pieces once and awhile to soak up the excess glue mixture.

You are making the heart appear 3D.

Leave to dry for a day or two.

This is the 'cheap' method with supplies you have on hand.

Last year I used celluclay with the kids as I was testing the product.

You can buy this at your local craft store but the 'cheap' method is just as good.

The celluclay comes dry with the paste already mixed in.  You place in your recycled container, add water, and mix.  I find the celluclay very sticky!

You could also use paper clay or drywall medium to achieve the same result.

When the heart has dried cut a set of wings out of the remaining cereal or cracker box.

They kinda of look like a big moustache.  You will have to measure with your prepared heart to get the sizing right.

In the classroom I set up a painting station with a few art boards.  Use liquid tempera to paint the prepared heart.

Set aside to dry.

I gave each student a piece of coloured card stock.  They had to trace around their wings and then cut the card stock slightly larger.  This was glued to the coloured side of the cardboard.

They also received strips of white tissue paper to cut into squares.  They then smooshed these into loose balls.

They applied tacky glue to the cardboard wing shape and started filling in the space with the tissue paper.  I asked them to leave some space in the centre free of tissue paper.

When the hearts were dry we glued these into place.

When the glue had dried I took my awl and punched a hole at the top thru the heart and wings.

I threaded a large needle with yarn.  This made threading the heart much easier.  I passed the needle thru the hole I made and then tied off a loop for hanging.

We now added text.  The kids typed in sayings onto the computer and then choose a nice font and printed them off.  You could also just use your nicest handwriting.  Some common sayings were "You make my heart soar!" and "You give my heart wings."

Glue these into place on the heart and you have a great Valentine gift.

I know lots of Moms last year who were quite taken with their special valentine.


  1. so sweet!!!b thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun and interesting project. I really like that purple heart! Thanks for sharing your idea Gail! Happy crafting :-)