Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Crazy Cats

Here is a easy Halloween cat project you can put up in your window to show off those glowing eyes.

It also looks nice up on the bulletin board.


- heavy white sketch paper
- black and white tempera disk paint
- black paper
- coloured tissue, streamers, and/or coffee filters
- glue
- scissors
- white pencil crayon
- orange paper
- big button.
- black felt marker

Paint your heavy sketch paper grey, Just swirl a little black onto your white tempera disk.  Use short sideways strokes with a large paintbrush.  I buy a class set of those cheapo ($1.00-$2.00)  brushes at the hardware store.  They are meant for one time only use (applying sealer),  but I keep them for years.

Let paper dry for a few minutes.  I get the kids to flap them or use the hair dryer.  (An art teacher can never have too many hair dryers!)  Then dry brush on a little extra black, you are going for that fur texture.
Take the black paper and draw out your cat face using the white pencil crayon.

Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.  Save your scraps for later.

We are going to fill in those eyes, nose, and mouth with either tissue, vellum, painted coffee filters, or even streamers.

Something translucent.

Cut a piece large enough to cover the opening and glue into place.

To help the kids measure have them place the tissue over the opening and then using a pencil mark  the shape required.  Then cut.

Turn the face back to the front.  Using those scraps cut the little pieces you need.  Glue into place. 

Your face will now glow with a light source behind it.

Add details with the white pencil crayon, whiskers too.

Take your painted paper....should be dry now, turn to the back.

Draw a cat body shape.

Cut out.

You can use the scraps to make the tail.

Glue into place.  Be careful not to glue the head to far down the body or it will show thru the mouth.

Cut out a bow tie from the orange paper.  Glue into place and add the button.

That's it.  You can tape it to the window looking in or out.