Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter From Maui

Happy Easter everyone!  I've been in Maui for a few days but wanted to wish everyone the best.

As I sit here typing the sun is coming up and it looks like a gorgeous day!

This is the view from my patio or Lanai.

It's where I often sit to I have in the last few days as we have had a bit of rain.

So I worked on some of my London paintings.
and then sometimes when you are stuck you just paint things like the cover of the driving guide......

Here are the eggs I did this year.  Hope everyone has a good Easter break and I'll see you soon.


  1. Oh,I envy
    Beautiful eggs :)
    Wesołych Świąt!

  2. Happy Easter ! I love your blog !

  3. Happy Easter! What a beautiful place! We've been to Maui twice and loved it. I love your paintings...and your pysanky! I've only tried it once and mine didn't turn out near as well. I know I would get better with practice, though!

  4. :) looks like it is Maui week. I made a pastel of Makena beach in Maui for my blog. Now I see a post on ur blog, and it has a beautiful painting of one of the beaches from the drive guide. Love it. Wish I could paint like that someday.

  5. Wow your eggs are so beautiful! You are a great artist!