Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"We Three Kings" Christmas Craft

Here is a new Christmas Craft I've put together for our annual craft morning at school.

"We Three Kings"

It's a quick and easy project for one of our 12 craft stations.


- 3/4 by 3/4 cedar trim (nail strip)
- sandpaper
- felt
- acrylic paint in flesh tones
- fine sharpies, white gel pen
- tacky glue
- assorted embellishments
- glue gun, optional


I bought my cedar trim at Home Depot.  I purchased a bundle which was about 24 - 4 ft long pieces.  That was plenty for the 150 kids who will be participating and cost me around $1.25 per 4 ft piece.

I then had a volunteer (Mrs. B's husband) cut all the pieces.

For each set you need a 4" piece, a 3" piece, and a 2" inch piece.

Sand the ends slightly.
You then want to paint one end of each piece a different flesh tone.

Let dry.

You want to cut a rectangle of felt for each King.  We are using green, red and blue.

The rectangles should be shorter then each trim piece so the faces will show and long enough to wrap completely around the piece of trim.

Put some tacky glue on one side of the felt.  Lay your trim down in the center and then wrap.

The seam will then be at the back.

Using fine sharpies and white gel pens mark on the faces.  I prefer them with the eyes closed but I'm sure we will get lots of different expressions on Craft Day.  You can color in some hair but it will only really show up on the sides of the heads.

Now add the crowns.  Use what you have.  I'm using some wired mini garland,  gold brocade trim and a gold snowflake that I cut in half.  Glue into place.  (all from the Dollar store)

Add the presents.  The kids are using little presents cut off some garland, a gem embellishment, and some little glittered styrofoam balls.  I found all of these supplies at the Dollar store.

Finally glue all your Three Kings together.  We will be using glue guns on Craft Day (operated by adults).  This just makes it go faster so the kids gave a completed craft to go into their bag.
That's it.

 A quick and easy Christmas craft.
See you next time.


  1. Léontine ( 14, 2011 at 10:33 PM

    Hello, it's very nice...but.... inch ???? and what about meters (???), just joking I reckon is hard to change when we are not use to it. Merry Christmas. Léontine

  2. As a teacher I thank-you for this sight! I often find myself returning again and aging for awesome art ideas. The kids love them, and I do too!

    Thank you!