Monday, May 30, 2011

Dominoes For Dad: Father's Day Project

In coming up with Father's Day projects I was thinking about my own Dad who just loves to play games with his kids and grand I came up with some game ideas.

First up Dominoes.

Here are 2 types of dominoes.  One made out of flat pebbles and one out of cardboard. I'll go thru both .....


Let's start with the cardboard ones. You'll need:
- nice stiff cardboard
- ruler and pencil
- scissors
- white paint
- sharpies
- mod podge
- wax paper
- container to keep your pieces in
- supplies to decorate your container (more on that later)

Take your stiff cardboard and using the ruler mark out 28 rectangles.  The younger grades may require some help with this part, bear in mind that they don't have to be perfect, in fact they are kinda charming being a little mis- matched!

Cut them out.

Paint white on both sides.

  Now with a classroom of kids your are saying "How can I keep them all straight?"  That's where the art board comes in handy.....the paint on top of their board and just move them onto some wax paper in the corner.....

Let dry.

Using sharpies or markers draw a line thru the middle, you can use that ruler again.

Then start making your 28 dominoes. You can use different colors as long as the number stays the same color( i.e. all 3's are purple)

Here is a little chart if you need it.

Now another thing you can do is on the back of each Domino you can put different names for Dad. 

Poll the kids to see how many you get and then add some ones in foreign languages or names of popular "Dad" characters.

Now this step is optional but it adds a finished look and makes the cardboard quite robust.

For the pebble dominoes you need to find 28 flat pebbles.

My kids are always bringing a rock home so raid the rock collection if you need to.

Now put on the dots.  You can use white paint with a fine brush....add a little water to make it flow well.  You could also use a paint pen or a sharpie.

Again, seal with Mod podge for a nice shiny look.

Now on to the container.  Check your recycling bin and pick out a good home for your dominoes.

Paint it a nice color for a base.

I found this nice photo from the Graphics Fairy and then the kids can print out the label by hand or with the computer.

Glue and then seal with guessed it Mod Podge.

You can decorate it with paper dominoes.

You could also use some original artwork.

You could even decorate it like a pizza box!

I  lined the pebble Domino box with felt for an extra added touch.

You can include instructions on how to play Dominoes if needed.

That's it.

All you need to do now is play.

P.S. You have until midnight to enter the book giveaway, results tomorrow.

See you then.


  1. What a cute idea - it really puts a nice twist on a childhood favorite!

  2. very creative thanx.....:))

  3. At first I thought the odd shapped ones were cookies. Would be a yummy alternative.
    Fun project! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My daughter is always collecting rocks from school...this will put them to good use! Love your website!