Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Student Work

Grade 1 is just finishing up the Penguin unit.

Here are the Penguin prints they made.

We have made these potato prints for the last 3 years and they always turn out quite nicely.

This year instead or using orange paint for the beaks and feet we cut them out of orange paper.  I think this was more successful.

If you would like to try this with your crew the full directions can be found in this post.

I also must post these incredible "In the style of Ted Harrison" pastels that the Grade 3's completed.

The kids used oil pastels trying to keep the wonderful line design typical of Ted Harrison as well as the intense color.

I covered Ted Harrison in a previous post 2 weeks ago.

Terrific job Grade 3!!


  1. March of the penguins: clever title :)

    Love those results again!

    Blue-bird at

  2. Just dropped in while searching for wire bird legs; I got more than I had hoped for.
    Budding artists and only grade one and three..Beautiful!
    Wish I had these art classes available to me when I was small!!!

    Interesting blog and a perfect place to learn art.
    Thanks for the tutorials, very much appreciated.

    Annabelle >A_A<

  3. Just had to let you know that I love your blog and the work that you do... the passion and hardwork show in all your posts. Would love to try these out when I start teaching Arts and Crafts again!

  4. i just wanted to say a quick thank you. i teach a weekly art class for underprivileged kids, and our next unit is textiles. while searching for ideas, i came across your blog. it's given me so many ideas, and i can't wait to get started with my little ones in the weeks ahead. thanks again!