Monday, March 28, 2011

Kapalua Trail

Walked the coastal trail yesterday morning at 6am...(still adjusting to time change).

Bit of an overcast morning.....

rained on........twice

number of beaches we passed......4

number of flowers smelled......gazillion

number of friendly pigeons.....100 (especially when in the company of 2 chip eating boys)

being able to relax and recharge.....priceless

As I sit on the patio typing this post it looks to be a great day...hope to have more pictures for you tomorrow.



  1. you have the best blog Gail, so glad I found it x jo

  2. Gorgeous and so many good memories.

  3. What ever am I doing in New Brunswick? Freezing cold March winds are raging through the thickness of my jacket .... and snow snow snow still abounds! So would like to be eating chips and strolling along the warmth of the ocean air ... even at 6:00 A.M.! I need to stretch my horizons .... Bubbajane in Canada

  4. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii...especially when winter will not end here in Wisconsin for another month! Keep us posted on what there is to do and see!

  5. Beautiful photos! It doesn't look like Missouri right now!

  6. Have you thought about selling some of that sand to us landbound fans?

    Get some plastic bags, roll them up and ship em out....I'll be the first buyer!!

    I'd put the sand on our coffee table in the living room and run my fingers and toes through it every so often. It keeps the 'dream' alive!