Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Make a Pinecone Skier

So here is the next craft that we will be doing on Christmas Craft easy Pine cone Skier.

Materials Required:
pine cone
2 round toothpicks
2 mini Popsicle sticks
red paint
1 inch pompom
2 small googly eyes
1 tiny pompom for nose
scraps of felt
1 white pipe cleaner
2 sequins
small pompom for hat
tacky glue

To make a pine cone skier you first need to paint your toothpicks and mini Popsicle sticks.
I took the toothpicks and cut off the top pointy end and then painted them red.
For the skis I painted 2 mini Popsicle sticks red...for Christmas Craft day I lucked out at the dollar store and found some picket fencing that is normally used for a Christmas village but will work perfectly for this project.

Take the two red toothpicks and put a dab of glue on the hole in the sequin. Push the pointy end of the toothpick into the glue. These will be your ski poles.
Set aside.

Take your 1 inch pom pom and glue on the 2 eyes as well as the mini pom pom for the nose.

With the scraps of felt cut out a circle for the hat.

Glue on top of the head and then add a sparkly pompom on top.

Set aside.

Take your white pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Wind around the pine cone near the top and give it a twist...these will be your arms.
I found these silver and gold pine cones at the dollar store 12 for a $1.00. You can use the ones from outside and just add some glitter or paint.
Here in Canada our pine cones are now buried under 2 feet of snow!

Bend the arms to look like your skier is working really hard to snowplow up that hill.

Add a dab of glue where the hands would be.

Slide in the can squeeze the pipe cleaner to hold it in place while the glue sets up.
Put some glue on top of the pine cone and glue on the head.

Let sit for a few minutes.

Turn pine cone over keeping your finger pressing down on head to ensure it stays on and put some glue where you want the skis to go.

Attach your skis. You can arrange them so they are snow plowing or straight's up to you.

That's it...a very cute pine cone skier. If you want you can add a string at the top for hanging on the tree.
See you soon with a special JOY sign project.


  1. Oh my goodness - cute, cute! I am saving this in my favourite folder for crafting this winter (we're in the middle of summer at the moment).

  2. Seriously sweet and fun... tfs

  3. so cute! what a great idea! at my school we can't do "Christmas" projects, so this is a great alternative!

  4. Adorable!! They would have a great time playing with our pine cone elves.

  5. Hello,

    I am a french womman, I live near Paris.
    I like your blog and your talent. This pinecone skier are very cute !

  6. Thanks everyone...I love all your comments!
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Very cute. Thanks for sharing. This will be a wonderful project my little son and I to do for Christmas craft day. MaryAnn

  8. Where do you get mini popsicle stick?

    1. I found them at the dollar store. You can also check Michael's or another craft store.