Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bead Rings

Today we made bead rings.....they were pretty easy once you get the hang of it...this is a good project for kids who are a bit older ( 9 and up ). I am using my "Family Creative Workshop" Volume #1 Acrylics to Batik, as my reference. I still can't believe I scored the complete set at the Book Sale....these books are fantastic. Just in Volume 1 we learn... acrylics (polymer casting and paint) afghan stitch airplanes of paper (these were a hit at the cabin) American Indian Crafts..I think we would call them First Nation Crafts now animal dolls ant farms antiquing furniture applique astronomy baby foods basketry batik That is just volume 1 and it contains instructions and patterns for at least 5 projects under each heading. If you don't believe me look at what some other people had to say..... purly victorious craftstylish apartment therapy tacky living and on and on it goes.... Well enough gushing over my Family Creative Workshop...I plan on showing lots of good material from these books in the future. On to the bead rings Materials Required: want the small seed ones wire...30 gauge or bead wire, its almost like thread Now for this tutorial I am using larger beads and florists wire so you can see what I'm doing in the photos. I have also posted a cheat sheet here on google docs. Cut an 18 inch length of wire, fold in half and string on 2 beads. These will start to form the band of the ring. Thread 2 more beads on to the right wire...slide down a little ways and then thread the left wire thru them from the other side. Slowly work the beads down and tighten. The wire kinks quite easily. A few kinks aren't too bad but you don't want it twisting too much on you. Continue this process until you have enough length so that it covers from one side of your ring finger to the other. The diamond design only will cover the very front of your finger. When you are ready string a different colored bead between 2 band colored ones. You then want 3 colored between 2 band colored. Then 1 band, 2 colored, 1 band, 2 colored, and 1 band. Now do the same on the other side. 1 band, 3 colored, 1 band 1 band, 1 colored, 1 band Now measure around your can add a layer or two of double band colored beads to extend the ring if you need to at this time. Now you need to connect it together....take the two wires and thread into the two beads at the start just like you have been doing, do it again with the next set as well to ensure a strong connection. I then twisted them once into the center and then clip the ends. If you need to you can also use some tweezers or pliers to press the wire ends flat so they won't poke you....both my daughter and I found the wire is so thin it doesn't really bother you. That's it....see if you stop at one! We are back in Calgary for a few days for Stampede. Yahoo!... In honor of the Stampede I will continue to try and post some western related projects. The Dreamcatchers and this bead ring are just the start. Take care everyone and we'll see you next time. gail


  1. Great project!!! We'll have to buy some wire, but we'll be making some rings soon.

  2. Oh those are cute! I love the simplicity of this project. I'll be linking.