Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Folk Art Houses for the Garden

I always have these grand plans of all these things I want to paint for my garden thru the winter so I'll be ready when the weather cooperates......but they never seem to get done.

So now I am in a rush to get them completed before fall.

We have had such a cold spring but the garden is starting to come together.

We have two squirrels that hang out in our backyard and for the most part don't cause any trouble......until now!

They have been zipping up and down the railing on the deck and have knocked over all my painted birdhouses.

Now granted these birdhouses are not the most sturdy...its hard to get nice solid unfinished ones.....I had filled them with rocks to hold up in our unrelenting wind...but they couldn't withstand the squirrel dancing. of my unfinished winter projects was some heavy cedar houses that could withstand both wind and time like the present to get these done.

I purchased a heavy cedar fence post 5"x5". It was 8 feet long and cost me about $20.00. (not bad when you consider I can get about 12 or so houses out of it)

I had my husband cut it into houses of varying heights and roof lines.

I then started to paint. I use Folk Art acrylic paint for these. Out of all the craft paints Folk Art wins hands down.....great coverage and their Artist's Pigment series is great for projects like this.

Here are some others I need to finish.

I added a tree in the back.....

maybe a nice flowering tree.

Some nice details in the front......OK once I get started it just goes on.....

When finished add a couple coats of outdoor sealer in a gloss....I like Duraclear.

Now the squirrels can knock them down but they will stay in one piece...fingers crossed!

Give it a try and let your kids have a go....some great folk art for your garden.

Here is a sneak peek at a new tutorial....I make these mini gardens for my kid's teachers every year...they have become my signature gift at the school....I have 3 to make this year.
This time I remembered to take step by step photos so you can make one too. Stay tuned.

See you next time.


  1. Those houses are marvelous! I can't wait to see your tutorial!

  2. What a wonderful village you must have by now, great idea :)

  3. how sweet these would look so cute in my mint patch, and all through my herbs. I htink I will let the kids do this over the weekend

  4. Thank you so much for the tip on Folk Art acrylics. I am getting ready to paint some gourds soon, and I didn't know what to use. I am going to try this product out.
    The houses are wonderful - especially when painted by your creative and artistic hand! It looks like you are having fun with them.

    Happy 6 months to Christmas
    Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes

  5. Thanks everyone. Once I get them all painted I'll post a picture of my little village.

  6. Thats wonderful!