Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinosaur Murals

Well we continue with Dinosaurs this week in Kindergarten.

To convey the sheer size of these creatures I had the kids paint large cut outs. This is the T-rex outside the door.

I laid out some kraft paper and then drew out the most popular dinos. I outlined it in sharpie and then cut it out.

Unfortunately the large area by kindergarten is carpeted so we have to be extra careful...vinyl tablecloths work well.

Each child got a turn painting a part of the dinosaur.

I think they turned out great and the size of them is having the impact we wanted.

We also painted our fossil casts.

Another project we completed was pastel drawings of dinosaurs on sand paper. The sand paper eats up the pastels a bit but it gives great texture to the piece.

Next week we will be doing our glue dinosaur skeletons...I'll be putting together some templates for that.

Our next unit is Space and Robots so it's back to the drawing board for applicable art projects.

The landscape pastel resist was a hit with Grade 3. I brought in a ton of reference photos and let them decide where they needed to mask out with white pastel. One of the finished paintings was chosen (by the teaching staff) as this year's entry for the school in the annual art contest held by the Catholic School Board. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

see you next time


  1. Oh, I love your murals--what fun for the kids ... and then to walk by and see their own creation looming there! Really fantastic!

  2. I love these! So many different ways to explore a theme. I bet those dinosaur murals delight your students to no end!

  3. Gail, your students must certainly be the luckiest children in Canada!
    I am wishing you a fabulous summer!
    Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes

  4. This is amazing site, very creative projects for kids. I love your dinosaur silhouettes. I will try to do that with my 5 years old. Thank you for sharing with all your ideas!

  5. I am assuming you freehand the dinosaurs? That is amazing. I want a long neck dino to hang on the wall with his long neck and head going over the door. Template ideas are welcome :--) I'm not a great artist.